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Neta & Hagar

The Twins NFT Collection

Together with professional artists, Netta adapted and digitized the art she and Hagar created 20 years ago during the peak of their struggle with eating disorders, to forge the Twins NFT Collection of 8888 unique pieces.

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A Personal Story to Propel Global Change

We have founded the Twins collection in response to the growing problem of eating disorders and negative body image across the globe, but the story behind our collection is close to our hearts.

The Twins Collection is powered by the true story and art of twin sisters Hagar and Netta who struggled with eating disorders from the age of 12 and expressed their experiences through artistic creation.

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Mint Your Story

Tell-To-Earn, a web3 innovation, enables people to mint their memories into meaningful NFTs. The Twins Collection is the first of its kind, but there are many more to come.

By sharing your unique story with the community you eternalize your experiences and give them new meaning as NFTs.

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Our community is open to everyone, it is a safe harbor where you can communicate, get help, and create art. Here you can build meaningful connections that will help you.

Transform your life into its best version.

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Community Members’ Club

Twins NFTs are more than beautiful artwork, our holders are members of an exclusive club with numerous benefits including admission to a variety of events, health studios, and specialists.

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Our Web3 Vision

Our impact is far-reaching. EyeSeeYou introduces the concept of Tell-To-Earn. There are 8 billion people across the globe, each with countless stories to tell.

We provide the platform for everyone to share their personal memories and experiences. Each story-based NFT has the potential to change the lives of others.


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